Snap On Tools For Sale – What You Need to Know To Save Money

snap-on-tool-setAs a mechanic, we use a lot of tools from quite a few manufactures such as Craftsman and Mac, but the holy grail of auto repair tools is Snap On tools. Unfortunately, these tools are expensive and finding Snap On tools for sale is something that you really want to do if you can.

There are quite a few places to find Snap On tools for sale and most of them are online, but if you look hard enough, you can find them locally in your hometown with little effort. I will list for you the places where I like to find and purchase used Snap On tools and the things you need to look out for before you purchase.

There are really two different types of buyers, those that need the tools for the shop and those who want to buy them to be used at home and displayed for others to see. You know, the vintage or antique buyers.

Before we look at where you can purchase used Snap On tools, lets take a look at some of the more popular Snap On tools products that are used by most mechanics across the country.

Types of Popular Snap On Tools

Snap On Tool Box

snap-on-tool-boxAs you know, if you are going to have a lot of tools (most mechanics do), you need a place to store those tools otherwise they just get strewn around the shop and lost.

Most shops have several large upright tool boxes with multiple drawers in them so that you can layout and organize your tools based on task and tool type. These tool boxes are not like your hand-held tool box, this type of tool box can weight hundreds of pounds and have castor wheels on the bottom so that you can roll it around the shop.

One of the most popular tool boxes around is the Snap On tool box. I bet if you go into your local mechanic’s shop, you will find one or more Snap On tool boxes. They are extremely popular, especially the vintage Snap On tool box.

Anything vintage is cool and for us diehard mechanics the old red Snap On tool box is a great item to have in the shop.

Snap On Tool Sets

snap-on-toolsBack in 1920, a couple guys got together to revolutionize the tool industry. The interchangeable snap on sockets and handles was one of the most innovative things to happen to modern tools.

Snap On tool sets became one of the hottest products to ever hit the tool market and they are still extremely popular today.

Sockets, handles, wrenches, you name it they have it. You can get starter kits of upward of 100 pieces to extensive kits that are almost 10,000 pieces! They come in many shapes and sizes and they are quality built for any job.

Snap On Ratchet

snap-on-ratchetThe Snap On ratchet is a tool that has a wheel of mechanical teeth, a handle and a lever that allows you to move one way slowly and in one direction. The lever can be used to switch the direction in which the ratchet moves. A Snap On ratchet also has a small connector that allows you to snap on and off different sized sockets.

Sockets are used to fit over a fastener, such as a bolt, that allows you to loosen or tighten the bolt. Used in conjunction with a ratchet, it can speed up the process greatly.

Where To Find Snap On Tools For Sale

I won’t lie to you, Snap On tools are very expensive and finding them for sale at a discount price is definitely the way to go. Let’s take a look at the most popular places to find Snap On tools for sale.

Snap On Tools For Sale On Craigslist

Craigslist is a very popular place to find used Snap On tools. At any given time, you will see hundreds of listings from wrenches, socket sets, vintage Snap On tool boxes, as well as screwdrivers and Snap On air tools.

One thing that you will notice really quickly about the listings on Craigslist is that they are damn expensive. Listen, we as mechanics know that letting go of our favorite tools is hard to do and to get less money than we think its worth is heartbreaking. The fact of the matter is that used equipment is just that, used, so asking like new prices for stuff that is used doesn’t really cut it.

I have not had very good luck finding deals on Craigslist. My rule of thumb is that I am not paying more than 50% of the new price on any tool that is used unless its a vintage piece which is hard to come by.

In my experience, trying to buy tools off Craigslist is not the cost effective way to go. Plus you have crazy people out there so safety is a huge concern.

It’s my least favorite way to buy used Snap On tools, so I say do it at your own risk.

Snap On Tools For Sale On Ebay

On of my favorite ways to purchase used Snap On tools is to buy them from eBay. Any given day, you can have thousands of listings available at your finger tips and if you play your cards right, you can get them shipped for free.

More and more people are turning to eBay to sell automotive equipment and tools and eBay is quickly becoming one of the largest auto parts stores in the world.

Most people selling on Ebay know what they are doing and so the prices they are asking are pretty much inline with the 50% rule with exception of the hard to find products which you may pay a bit more for.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Snap On dealers are prohibited from selling brand new tools on eBay to keep from muscling in on other dealer’s territories. That said, when you buy a used tool, Snap On or its dealers are not obliged to honor any warranty of the tool. I am sure that you figured that, but its worth noting.

I like the fact that eBay has buyer protections in place and the free shipping is a great thing too as some of those tools are heavy.

Snap On Tools For Sale On Amazon

Now that Amazon allows sellers to sell their used stuff, you can find sellers that are selling used Snap On tools.

The drawback is that there is less items for sale on Amazon than there are on eBay, but none the less, you can find some good deals there. Doing some research on Amazon shows that the pricing is slightly higher than my 50% rule, but the quality of the products look good.

While I have not purchased any Snap On tools from Amazon, I will have to say that if I needed additional tools, I will definitely add them to my list for potential purchases.

Automotive Repair Shop Closings

No mechanic wants to see his or her fellow mechanics out of business, especially if it is one that has been around for a long time.

It doesn’t happen that often, but there are shade tree mechanics that just can’t make it as a steady business. If you are looking to find deals on Snap On tools, this would be a great opportunity.

When you are going out of business, you need cash fast to help pay off creditors. You can really find some deals here as they know they have to discount to sell quickly.

Not only will you find some really good deals, but you will also be helping some really fine folks in the process.

Garage and Yard Sales

If you are trying to purchase locally, garage and yard sales are the holy grail. Whenever I need tools, I will visit local yard sales to find deals.

One thing that I like to do is to show up later in the morning on the last day to see what’s left and haggle. More times than not, you will find the best deals this way as they are afraid that they won’t sell the last remaining items.

Another thing that I do is to look on Craigslist for garage and yard sales in my area. Why? Because for starters, they have pictures!!

Most of the people that post yard sale info on Craigslist do it so they can post pictures of the stuff they are selling. That is a huge time saver for me.

I can weed out the number of yard sales I need to go to just by looking at the stuff for sale. Sometimes I will call them too just to make sure.

Key Points

Here are a few takeaways that you need to remember to find the deals on Snap On tools.

  1. Never pay more than 50% of the new price. You need to know how much the item is new before you know how much you can pay for it used.
  2. The 50% rule doesn’t apply to those items that are vintage or hard to find. Those items are worth whatever someone is willing to pay so its hard to put a price tag on it. My advice: search eBay for the completed listings so that you have a really good idea what that product is selling for in the open market.
  3. My #1 favorite place to buy Snap On tools for sale is a yard sale, but online it’s eBay.
  4. If buying online, make sure to look for those listings that have free shipping. Tools are heavy and it can save you a ton.